Parental Monitoring web site help

How to use the Parental Monitoring web site

Once you log on to the parental monitoring web site at, you will see a web page with a drop-down control listing all of the Android smart phones that are associated with the parental account that is logged on.  If instead you see a page saying that there are no phones associated with the parental account, then you either haven't performed the association step or the phone has since been associated to a different parental account.  Or perhaps the association has been deleted on the phone.  In either case, launch the Parental Monitoring application on the phone and follow this procedure to associate it with the proper parental account.

If you see a drop-down control listing the phone number(s) of the phone(s) you wish to monitor, then you will also see a set of navigation links along the left side.  Use these links to see the information that has been gathered from the phone.  If no information is shown or it appears incomplete, then in all likelihood the application hasn't yet finished uploading all the data.  Please be patient.

You'll also see a "Last Update" time stamp next to the drop-down control indicating when the phone last contacted the server.  This tells you how current the information being displayed is.

To adjust the frequency with which the phone uploads data or to change one of the other available settings, click the "Settings" navigation link along the left side.


To provide suggestions or ask questions about the Parental Monitoring application or web site, register a userid at the site, log on, and click on "Contact" to send email or "Forums" to post a question or suggestion on the forum.