Parental Monitor Version History

Version History

  • 1.6 - Fixed a bug when processing a contact that has no corresponding "raw" contacts. This failure would prevent other contacts from being uploaded.
  • 1.5 - Fixed a bug related to looking up a contact name.
  • 1.4 - Fixed a bug related to processing the deletion of an account (e.g., a Facebook account) associated with the phone.
  • 1.3 - Fixed a bug processing text messages with no sender address. I didn't know such messages were possible, but I guess they are.
  • 1.2 - Fixed a problem where some multimedia messages (those with photos) weren't being uploaded to the server.
  • 1.1 - Fixed a problem where duplicate information was being uploaded for some contacts, such as the same telephone number more than once, if more than one "account" on the phone knows about the telephone number. The duplicates are now eliminated. We also added support so that if a failure occurs while gathering information to be sent to the server, instead of having this failure be visible to the user, it is now suppressed, but an error report is sent to the server so that the failure can be diagnosed without the user needing to worry about it.
  • 1.0 - First published version.